Thanks from YOUR American Legion

One of my frequent reflections over the past year is that American Legion Post 119 belongs to the entire community of Estes Park.  That fact has been underscored in recent weeks by the amazing outpouring of support for the renovation of our Event Hall.  The Event Hall is used by individuals and organizations throughout the community for a variety of occasions from wedding receptions to HOA annual meetings, and in the coming winter it will be the new home of the Estes Park Repertory Theatre.  After decades of use, however, the Hall was clearly frayed and in need of some loving attention.  Through the generosity of numerous donors of cash, time, and materials we have nearly completed the renovation, and are planning an open house on October 14, 2017 to share our delight with the entire community!  Watch for more details on this event.

Meanwhile, we extend heartfelt thanks to Richard Erbe, Thor Homme, Bill Trowbridge, Paul Garrett, Renee Sigrist, Estes Park Bobcats American Legion Baseball Team, Jane Livingston, Lev Alton, Christann Higley, C.J. Jensen, Mary Banken, Dottie Allen, LD Smooth Wall, Ace Hardware, Estes Park Lumber Yard, JF Painting, Frank King, Luis and Debbie Cappelleti, Ken Arnold, Bill Allen, James Kocer, Whippet Window Cleaning, and all those who supported this project in so many ways.  The entire community benefits through your generosity.

Terry Rizzuti

Commander, American Legion Post 119